ZeeProbe cloud migration services leverage a combination of various native and third-party migration tools to get enterprise applications up and running on the cloud without rewriting them, modifying the image or changing management process.
  • Consolidate technology platforms and create plans for each
  • Track, analyze and monitor technology performance metrics and data
  • Identify security vulnerabilities and eliminate them with strategic solutions that increase data safety
  • Identify database requirements by interviewing customers; analyzing department applications, programming, and operations; evaluating existing systems and designing proposed systems.
  • Recommend solutions by defining database physical structure and functional capabilities, database security, data back-up, and recovery specifications.
  • Install new systems by proposing specifications and flowcharts; recommending optimum access techniques; coordinating installation requirements.
  • Maintain database performance by calculating optimum values for database parameters; implementing new releases; completing maintenance requirements; evaluating computer operating systems and hardware products.

Infrastructure/Cloud initiatives are top priorities from what we are finding. If your applications are being hosted on premise or not on the cloud, you could be facing the following issues.

  • Technical Resource Availability and Dependency - Skillset Challenges in maintaining environment
  • Cost of Maintenance – Higher Capital Investment
  • Application Availability - Match 100% application availability to End Users
  • Data Security & Control - Preventing from Hacks, Access management, etc
  • Risk of Data Loss - Preventing from Data thefts
  • Compliance - Maintaining Fed Compliance structure
  • Agility and Scalability - Either Scale Up or Scale Down of environment to meet customer business requirements

ZeeProbe can assist you in migrating to the cloud that could help with the following:

  • Offers Better Insight, Usability & Accessibility
  • Drives Better Engagement
  • Helps & Promotes Collaboration
  • Increases Mobility
  • Aids Disaster Recovery
  • Boosts Cost Efficiency
  • Provides Flexible Pay Options
  • Security & Scalability