ZeeProbe designs and builds an online platform for Customer Satisfaction with which you are able to collect, measure and analyze valuable information with high level of accuracy, consistency and speed.

Get answers to some of the very important questions among others that you need access to:

  • How satisfied are my customers with my product?
  • How satisfied are my customers with the service they receive from me?
  • How likely are the customers going to purchase from me again?
  • How likely are the customers going to recommend my product and service?
  • How is your business perceived on social media platforms?
Across the globe, organizations are giving enormous importance to Customer Feedback and related analytics
  • This information is the most accurate barometer that determines your level of execution of all systems, training, policies and procedures.
  • This information is being evaluated at all levels to determine strategies for better execution and performance.
  • With increased level of competition, happy and satisfied customers should become your raving fans and allowing them to be part of the process as well as improve performance with the information will result in greater market and customer share and drive more dollars to the bottom line.
  • For International operations and master franchisees, ZeeProbe will deploy the surveys in multiple languages with access levels for each of the master franchisees and their sub-franchisees
  • ZeeProbe can aggregate your ratings and reviews from various social media platforms in one place