Zeeprobe's BI Business Intelligence solutions are designed to provide simplicity, practicality and affordability to end-users, and to the organization that implements the solution. You can implement Zeeprobe's BI on premises or, if you prefer, we can host the solution offsite using our Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Leverage historical data to make future predictions and better decisions Take advantage of the invaluable enterprise data your organization collects to analyze trends, outpace competition, and drive strategy. Easily Analyze, Track, Predict, and Report with ZeeProbe's BI Platform.

ZeeProbe’s Business Intelligence platform provides the most attractive features of BI integrated with advanced reporting capabilities, all at an intelligent price. BI is no longer a luxury for only the select few; rather it is a requirement for all organizations to grow customer base, capture market share, and strategically plan for the future. Contact us today!

    Key Features

  • Advanced analysis features providing in-depth filtering functionality
  • Intuitive, powerful, and customizable dashboard design capabilities
  • Most sophisticated integrated reporting platform

Why Business Intelligence Solutions from ZeeProbe?

Leading corporations around the globe are leveraging ZeeProbe’s Business Intelligence platform to learn from their data and address mission critical needs. Our solution provides the advanced functionality required to perform the most in-depth analysis of their enterprise data in a logical and productive manner. And whereas most BI solutions simply provide visualization, BI from ZeeProbe also provides predictive analysis so organizations can accurately get ahead of the curve. When combined with the industry-leading reporting technology that comes standard, ZeeProbe provides one of the most comprehensive BI solutions available.