Do you know if your locations are profitable, generating cash and building value? How are your locations doing compared to others? What the key financial and non-financial metrics impacting the business? In what areas do they have the most potential for improvement?

Do your Franchise Business Consultants have real-time information for their locations and regions and be able to compare with region and system averages and profit leaders? Let ZeeProbe design a custom platform for you to be able to design what you need to be able to measure Franchisee Performance & Profitabily.

We will customize to your requirements :

  • You tell us what data you have that needs integration and merged to give you a full picture of the business. CRM, POS, Financial or Non-Financial Data and other forms of data
  • The data displays, metrics, dashboards, trends, comparisons and benchmarks
  • Reporting, measurements and access levels you need
  • Customization for any international locations
  • XL and PDF downloads
  • Notifications, alerts and status reports
  • Budgeting and Forecasting