ZeeProbe is uniquely positioned to service your needs regardless of organization size and number of units with our scalable and customizable market intelligence, financial intelligence and web solutions. Utilizing the latest technology enables us to bring you fast, powerful and meaningful data real-time via sophisticated web programming tools supported by 24/7 work process combined with our well rounded and experienced management, project and technical team.

Our Mission

ZeeProbe enables financial, operational performance and customer intelligence for franchised, retail and multi-unit type organizations around the world to help meet your most ambitious goals of growing market share and profitability.

Innovative Cost Effective Solutions

What differentiates us is the level of customization we do to fit your environment, business model, needs and requirements. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry to consult and work with you to design, build, test, train and implement the solutions at the home office and field.

Rapid Response Service and Support

You report an issue and we will respond in the quickest and the most efficient manner. No questions asked. Phone, Email, Online Inquiry.

World Class Technology

We use the latest bleeding edge technology available, enabling speed, reliability and security.