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Our Mission
ZeeProbe enables consumer, market and financial intelligence for franchised, retail and multi-unit type organizations around the world to help meet your most ambitious goals of growing market share and increased profitability.
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Across the globe organizations are giving enormous importance to consumer research and customer feedback. This informa- tion is the most accurate barometer that determines your level of execution of all systems...
If there is one important element that defines success from failure in business today more so than ever before, it is the person that handles the transaction and is responsible for the positive and memorable customer experience that is backed by ...
Do you know if your locations are profitable, generating cash and building value? How are your loca-tions doing compared to others? In what areas do they have the most potential for improvement? What is the dollar amount of ...
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Complete Solutions for Franchise Community
ZeeProbe is a leading franchise business consultant / solution provider and offers intelligent franchise solutions, retail and multi unit solutions. Our expertise includes customer and franchise market research, customer satisfaction surveys and franchise market surveys, franchise consumer insights, franchise performance and financial intelligence, franchise concept studies and master franchise market research. Find below links for quick jump to some of our franchise solutions and franchise services:
  -  Franchise Market Research / Franchise Survey
  -  Franchise Performance
  -  Franchise Benchmarking
Our Expertise
ZeeProbe, provides full service market research, business intelligence and web solutions to the franchise, retail and multi-unit community. Utilizing the latest technology enables ZeeProbe to bring fast, powerful and meaningful data real-time via sophisticated web programming tools to its clients combined with a 24/7 work process. We have experience in supporting various industries in the various types of consumer insights and market research studies.
Our Core Expertise
- Consumer Insights
- Market & Consumer Intelligence
- Financial & Performance Intelligence
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys
- Employee Satisfaction Surveys
- Franchise Consultants
- Complete Franchise Solutions
  Franchise Consultants, Franchise Business Consultants, Franchise Solutions, Master Franchise Consultant
Our Core Strengths
- Speed to insights
- Quick turnaround
- Online panels and focus groups
- Real-time reporting
- Relationships with multiple sample providers to deliver the  highest possible incidence
- Video streaming technology for ad testing
- Affordable, efficient infrastructure and 24/7 environment
- Customized reporting
- Intelligent franchise solutions and consulting
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Innovative Cost Effective Solutions
Innovative Cost Effective Solutions
You tell us what you need and we will customize to your requirements...
Rapid Response Service and Support
Rapid Response Service and Support
You report an issue and we will respond in the quickest and the most efficient manner...                
Franchise Solutions and Franchise Services
Franchise Solutions and Franchise Services
ZeeProbe has several solutions for the franchise community revolving around market research...
Market Research & Surveys
Consumer Insights
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Franchise Performance Review
Financial Performance Case Studies
Consumer Intelligence Studies
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